I'm a serial entrepreneur having started my first company at 17 years old. I'm passionate about life, culture, color and music. I've traveled the world seeing new things, taking pieces of each experience with me and applying it to my daily life. I see life through an emotional lens, being diagnosed Bipolar when I was 25. I've seen the highest highs and the lowest lows, but it doesn't stop me from living each day to the fullest. I'm an INFJ with an extreme lean towards meeting new people and learning from my interactions. I'm outgoing, yet introverted in the sense that I need time to recharge. I see the world as endless possibilities. My name is Steve. Nice to meet you.


I have over 20 years experience as a developer and graphic designer. I've worked for myself, started and sold companies, worked in corporate, agency, and everything in between.


I love color. Color to me represents happiness in a sometimes dark world. I see color in the sense of emotion. Travel is color. Meeting new people is color. Being in love is color.



I believe that everyone should experience the world at least once in their life. To see the world is to live life. I've seen the Northern Lights in the North Pole, and had dinner with families in Italy that don't speak my language. We all have commonality, and deep down everyone is good.


I'm a musician. I've been playing jazz and blues piano since I was old enough to reach my fingers across the keys. I play guitar and write several of my own songs. I love Indie and alternative music, and everything in between. Music speaks to me on a level that nothing else can. It's immersive and deep.


I'm a graphic designer and artist. I create with passion. When I design, I see symmetry and color, both abstract and structured. I design for the eye and for the soul. The pencil is often my escape. Look at my portfolio.


Download my resume. Take a look at what I've done. If it looks like my professional experience can benefit you, contact me.

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